Web Design, UI, Editorial, Art Direction  
Trek is a personal project of mine that aims to be both a digital and physical publication. In each issue a different area is spotlighted with the help of a local to act as the guide. Each issue looks to highlight the qualities of said area utilizing a combination of photography, stories and conversation.  With the goal to spotlight the charms of places that can often go under the radar. 
Initial Thought
It’s all too easy to not appreciate the local area that you live in, especially if it is not particularly trendy, somewhat famous or conventionally glamorous  Sometimes you say the name of the area you're from and people look at you with a sense of concern, pity or just complete indifference as they have never heard of it.  Places like my own "Chadwell Heath", that while on the surface may not be able to compete with neighbouring areas, when you look on deeper has a wonderful spots and areas that any person can get enjoy and get lost in. 
Mindmapping Features of Trek
To organize my thoughts and ideas about the features of the digital arm of Trek, I started sketching ideas down and mindmapping different features of Trek as a publication, initative and brand. This included thinking about how to make the digital publication an engaging digital experience and not just the website of a magazine, drafting ideas for how Trek could collaborate with famous figures from unknown areas to help to push Trek as a platform and finally thinking about 
Approaching the layout of both the magazine and website went hand in hand for me. I wanted to create a digital experience that did not just feel like the “website version” of the magazine. Therefore through wireframing, I thought about how I could achieve this on the site, centering my thinking around how I could create an experience tailored for discovery and storytelling, in that order.
Wireframes of homepage
Mockup of Article Page
I'm now in the process of prototyping the Trek's site features, with a few to start developing the actual website in the coming weeks, I look forward to see where it goes and hope to have more information soon. All photography used in Trek was taken by myself.
Publication Layout (Still in Development) 
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